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Clifford E. Dresner

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Cliff Notes


Recently more and more of my clients have mentioned that as soon as they listed their house for sale or bought a new house the brochures start to arrive. These brochures are from law firms soliciting the real estate transaction.

When you receive one of these brochures BEWARE. It may seem that you are being quoted very low, all-inclusive fees. But then when you read the SMALL PRINT it turns out that there MANY MORE COSTS added. And YOU have to pay them! Disbursements, registration fees, title insurance, Land Transfer Tax are all in addition to the seemingly low fees.

I recently went onto the website of one of these firms and added up the total costs…and guess what! My overall costs for doing the same transaction, including all of the disbursements, were actually lower than those quoted in the brochure! Plus, with the Law Firm of Clifford E. Dresner you get the personal attention of me and my staff. And it actually can cost you less!

And good luck trying to get one of the lawyers from these brochure law firms on the phone or to respond to your email. Oh, you may get a clerk to respond, but not the lawyer. Then send an email to me and see how long it takes for you to get a response. VERY BIG DIFFERENCE.

And remember. Someone has to pay for the brochures!