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Cliff Notes

Reasonable Real Estate Fees

Many days I receive a phone call, or maybe several, from someone who wants to know my fees for a real estate transaction. While I am always happy to talk about my fees, I always tell callers that fees are only one part of the overall real estate transaction. I explain that there are fees charged by the Province to register documents. I explain that there is Title Insurance. I explain that the title must be searched and executions searched. All of these cost money and all lawyers are going to ask to be reimbursed for these costs. And still...many people are fixated on the legal fees for real estate transactions.

It is very important when obtaining a quote that the entire cost of the real estate transaction, ie. fees, disbursements and HST, be the number you ask for. Why? Many lawyers charge for things like photocopies, postage, faxing documents, certifying cheques, long distance, and who knows what else. These amounts can add up quickly. Also, many Title Insurance companies include an amount for the lawyer in their premium. Some are $150.00. Whether it goes to the Title Insurance company or the lawyer, you know who pays for it. You!

At the Law Office of Clifford E. Dresner, we do not charge you for photocopies, or postage, or faxing documents. We charge only the actual Title Insurance premium and not the extra amount that is paid to the lawyer. We believe in treating our clients fairly and being straight when giving quotes.

If you are in need of a Newmarket Real Estate lawyer who will give you the straight scoop, please give the Law Office of Clifford E. Dresner a call.